Professional AC Installation Services

A certified professional is the best at installing an AC unit in a new home, replacing an existing unit or performing an AC make over. Because of scorching temperatures during the summer, those who have something that needs to be repaired in their AC units are now giving a call to the HVAC professionals to have their AC units repaired immediately.

Air conditioners do more than cool a space. They filter out dust, pollen and remove moisture to make for optimal sleeping conditions and prevent electronics from breaking down. Air conditioners today are more than just a convenience for families as they are a necessity and even life saving for some.

Some think that air conditioning can be too costly for their bank accounts. Today’s smart thermostats and energy-efficient equipment makes air conditioning your home more affordable than ever.

What types of units should you consider for your AC installation?

There are now a lot of options that homeowners have for their air conditioning. Some homeowners might find this stressful, while other ones are happy to have different choices available. Contingent upon your own inclinations, home size, and what kind of framework your home as of now have, certain AC units could possibly work for you. The most commonly used AC unit types are given explanations below.

Split System

The condenser coil is located in an external panel in this device, and usually the indoor evaporator coil is located in the utility closet. Ductwork carries the cool air throughout the house, where it is discharged into the individual rooms by vents. The price of installing this type of system can be quite high for homes that do not already have ductwork. However, high efficiency systems and smart thermostats can make this a budget option in the long run when it comes to utility costs.

Packaged System

A packaged system will have the evaporator, condenser, and compressor put together in a single unit, typically on the roof or a concrete slab near the home. This method is great and it works well for a good reason. It may also include heating elements, reducing the need for the winter months for a separate furnace.

Heat Pump

Depending on the season, heat pumps take indoor air and turn it into either cold or hot air. Heat pumps have a limited range of heating or cooling and are therefore best suited to mild climates. Geothermal systems are designed for places where the temperature fluctuates a lot more, so this might be a better option for homes there.

Evaporative Cooler

This kind of air conditioner is often called a “swamp cooler”. It produces cool air by having outside air run through its moist pads. These systems are great for dry climates, and direct evaporative coolers even add moisture to the home. But when there is a certain level of humidity in the home it will start to have a lower efficiency.

Ductless Mini-Split System

There is a solution that’s common in other countries for cooling older homes that lack ductwork. While there is an individually controlled blower in each room, the condenser/compressor unit is installed outdoors.

Homeowners have more control when cooling individual areas rather than an entire house. If an owner wants the whole house cooled down, central air might be less expensive for the longer period than the ductless mini-split system fans in each area of the house.

Remember to regularly service your new unit.

After your new unit has been built, it is recommended, for optimum performance, to be serviced at least once a year. An AC professional will keep an eye out for general wear and tear, replace parts as needed, and also perform cleaning to keep it operating as many years as possible. Regular tune-ups should be conducted to prevent sudden breakdowns during summer.

You’ll get about ten years of use out of the average air conditioner before it needs replacement. It’s a good idea to investigate replacement options before your air conditioner dies out. Aging air conditioners lose efficiency with each passing year. You might not realize how inefficient your old AC unit was until you see the difference in your electric bills after you replace it.