Air Duct Cleaning

Do not make the mistake of waiting until you see multiple inches of the build-up to feel like you are getting your money’s worth, that is waiting too long to fix a problem. We are experts in the business and our quality and track record proves it!

How do I know if I need a duct cleaning?

If there are heavy allergies in the home, this is a normal reason we are called out to clean the ductwork in a home and help the battle with allergies

Constantly dusting? Yes, the dust resting in your ductwork will push it’s way back into your home, undoing your hard work, and creating a vicious and annoying cycle, don’t forget, you are breathing that extra dust in as well

New homebuyer? We are seeing more calls than ever before with new home buyers calling us to remove the dust and build-up, allowing them a fresh and healthy start

Just finished a remodel? We also work with general contractors to come in at the tail end of a project and remove all the dust and debris after projects and construction work

What makes us different? What is our process?

  • Our pricing is transparent and made to fit your needs
  • When you book with us you not only are booking a couple of great guys you are also receiving the latest in duct cleaning and customer service technology.
  • We remove each vent and hand clean the front and back
  • We clean each duct with our Rotobrush technology, designed for flex and hard pipe ductwork
  • The Rotorbush has over 30′ of a hose and different brush attachments that agitate the ductwork, knocking the dirt and debris free while vacuuming it at the same time
  • The Rotobrush also is equipped with 2 HEPA filters, no dirty air is being blown back into your home
  • In addition to a thorough cleaning, we can add cleaners to the system to remove odors and other unwanted things in your ductwork, such as dander, pollen, and dust mites to name a few
  • We may recommend sealing your system to prevent leaks from costing you more money on your utility bill. Here we take what we have learned from working as state inspectors and pass that on to you

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Let’s clear the air. Clogged dryer vents are among the leading reasons for home fires, this is a fact. I am sure you have heard, don’t leave your house with the dryer running, this is why.
Cleaning the lint trap is not enough, we clean the entire vent, behind the wall, not just the dryer.
If your clothes are taking multiple cycles to dry, there is a high chance your dryer vent is clogged.
Call us and join our other satisfied customers, after we clean it, we can add you to our yearly maintenance program at a lower rate!