Sacramento, CA Professional AC Repair Services

It is very common for people to be unable to work and function, without an air conditioner, especially during the very sunny summer months. Air conditioners have become a big part of our survival, especially during the very hot and frustrating summer months. There are many parts to an air conditioning unit, so a professional can tell what went wrong and can solve the problem quickly.

Usually, AC maintenance teams can arrive on the same day it malfunctioned to examine the device. A professional can get your system up and running again quickly, saving you from having to sweat it out in an uncomfortably warm home.

When should you call an AC repair professional?

A professional knows well what to look for in any air conditioning unit for it to work appropriately, whether it is under-performing or not turning on. If the unit is near its end life and it cannot be repaired anymore, the repair professional can help you in looking for a new unit for your home. Here are a few indicators that it is time to call an expert if it is less than ten years old and it is having problems.

Low air flow from vents

Problems with the air ducts or compressor can result in decreased or minimal air flow through the vents. Limited air circulation is not too effective in cooling down a building, and the result is not worth the energy used. To get your unit back to running efficiently, you need a quick repair from a local professional.

Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home

It can be quite frustrating to attempt to decrease the temperature throughout your home and learn that there are some rooms that resist change. A slight difference between upstairs and downstairs temperatures is not unusual, because heat rises, but drastic inconsistencies can be a sign of trouble. Typically, the usual suspects are the ductwork and/or filters.

Notice bad smells or loud noises when unit is on

If you smell something unpleasant while your air conditioner is running, there may be a problem in between the unit and the vent. Typically, it’s due to a burnt wire or mold has formed in the ductwork. Both of these things require a call to a professional. Hearing noises like scratching or grinding coming from the unit should also warrant a call to a technician.

Unit is leaking

If you see liquid dripping from your air conditioner, it could be harmless water or toxic refrigerant. Any sign of an AC leak demands the attention of a trained professional. If it’s only water that’s leaking, an AC expert will simply swap out the condensation tubes. If it is refrigerant, the affected refrigerant lines will be replaced.

Thermostat isn’t working

In some cases, the issue is with the switch itself and not the unit. An air conditioning professional will be able to tell whether your thermostats are working properly and repair them if they’re not. Wiring and temperature reading recalibrations can be done by experts to ensure that your AC unit runs efficiently.

Energy bills significantly higher

Receiving high energy bills can be a sign that something is wrong with the unit even if everything seems alright. If your bill has increased, you should seek professional help even if everything seems normal. These are the signs of your unit working way harder than it should be and that it needs servicing.

How can regular maintenance save you from repair?

Scheduling regular maintenance of your air conditioner will help keep it running well and extend its useful life. In most parts of the country, air conditioners are used only during the summer months. You might not realize your AC is not running properly until you turn it on during the first hot day of the summer.

Upkeep keeps units fit as a fiddle. However, the experts can spot potential issues and cure them before they cause significant issues. It is highly advisable to have a unit serviced at least once each year. The best time for a scheduled maintenance call is before temperatures begin to climb, so your AC will run well for the entire summer. Regular maintenance saves homeowners money by preventing frequent problems requiring professional attention and keeping electric bills from spiking during the summer.